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Free project support for 20 MED projects

"Free project support" (FRIPRO) is aimed at "particularly skilled researchers" at various stages of their careers. The faculty management congratulates our 20 researchers who received support in the 2020 award.

Portrettbilder av de 20 mottakerne av støtte fra NFR

20 forskere fra MED vant fram i årets NFR-tildeling

The Department of Basic Medical Sciences (IMB) has received support for 6 projects, the Department of Clinical Medicine (Klinmed) has received support for 7 projects, the Department of Health and Society (Helsam) has received support for three projects and NCMM has received support for two projects . The support corresponds to 228.4 million.

"I am very proud of our researchers' great success in this year's allocation of research funds for 'Free project support' from the Norwegian Research Council", says research dean Jens Petter Berg. "It is particularly gratifying that all three departments and NCMM are represented and clearly show that the faculty's research has both quality and breadth. I congratulate the applicants who have received project funding and especially wish our four new young research talents good luck with the projects. At the same time, I would like to emphasize the fierce competition for funding from the Research Council to announce 'Free project support'. A great deal of gratitude is extended to the applicants for the great work put into the applications - both among those who received funding and those who did not do so in this round - and to the support staff around them", says the pro-dean for research.

Read more about this year's award in Norwegian on the Research Council's website: NOK 2.65 billion for innovative research.

These projects have received support:

Competence and collaborative project

One purpose of this new category of applications is for the projects to develop new knowledge that society or business needs to meet important societal challenges.

  • Svetlana Skurtveit, SERAF, Klinmed: Preventing an Opioid Epidemic In Norway: Focusing on Treatment of Chronic pain (POINT)” – 16. million. Read more (in Norwegian).

  • Ole Andreassen, Norment, Klinmed: “Depressive disorder in primary care – an integrated solution for improving treatment and preventing severe outcome” – 16. million. Read more in Norwegian.

Young research talents

  • Andreas Lossius, IMB. Prosjekt: Decoding the B cell response in multiple sclerosis. Set amount: 8.000.000
  • Fabian Roth, IMB. Prosjekt: Axonal dysfunctions in Dravet Syndrome. Set amount: 8.000.000
  • Marieke KuijjerNCMM. Prosjekt: Large-scale personalized omics networks to model the disruption of gene regulation in cancer. Set amount: 7.984.000
  • Eva CunhaNCMM. Prosjekt: Structural studies of the full-length human Vitamin C transporters: unravelling Vitamin C transport across the membrane. Set amount: 7.970.000

Research projects for renewal

Banebrytende forskning (FRIPRO)

  • Philippe CollasIMB. Project: Epigenetic encoding of the thermogenic capacity of human adipose tissue. Set amount: 12.000.000
  • Coen CampsteijnIMB. Project: NUCLEAR INTEGRITY: From Molecular Mechanism to Cell Fate. Set amount: 11.400.000
  • Anne SimonsenIMB. Project: Mechanisms of selective autophagy in neurodegenerative disease. Set amount: 12.000.000
  • Kjetil RøyslandIMB. Project: Stochastic differential equations for robust evaluation of cancer treatments with registry data. Set amount: 11.819.000
  • Anne Cathrine (Annetine) Staff, Klinmed. Project: The BRIDGE study: Bridging pregnancy and fetal microchimerism with longterm female maternal cardiovascular and neurovascular health. Set amount: 11.996.000
  • Jan Terje Andersen, Klinmed. Project: Next generation of tailor-made protein biologics. Set amount: 11998000.
  • Espen Melum, Klinmed. Project: DUCT chip – Immune studies using a bile duct on a chip. Set amount: 12.000.000
  • Frode Lars Jahnsen, Klinmed. Project: Dissecting differentiation and diversification of gut macrophages. Set amount: 11.990.000
  • Kjetil Taskén, Klinmed. Project: Blocking regulatory T cells to restore immune function. Innstilt beløp: 11.933.000
  • Johanna Olweus, Klinmed. Project: Donor T-cell receptors targeting cells that propagate cancer. Set amount: 12.000.000
  • Michael BretthauerHelsam. Project: European Polyp Surveillance trials. Set amount: 11.974.000. Read more in Norwegian.
  • Christoph GradmanHelsam. Project: How did the Antibiotic Pipeline run Dry? People, Infrastructures and Politics of Antibiotic Drug Development 1970-2010. Set amount: 12.000.000. Read more in Norwegian.

Thematic assignment

  • Pål Gulbrandsen, Klinmed. Topic: Health, care and welfare services. Project: MAny Providers, confused INFOrmation? Coordinated and tailored communication with older patients in hospital-home TRANSitions (MAPINFOTRANS). Set amount: 9.342.000
  • Ruth PrinceHelsam. Topic: Global health. Project: Covid-19, Universal Health Coverage, and the Kenyan health system: a collaborative ethnographic study. Set amount: 12.000.000. Read more in Norwegian.


By Silje M. Kile Rosseland
Published Dec. 21, 2020 11:57 AM - Last modified Jan. 27, 2021 10:27 AM