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People who travel a lot account for a much greater proportion of the spread of dangerous, resistant bacteria than we previously thought.

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One out of ten E. coli samples contained variants that are resistant to several kinds of antibiotics. Researchers warn that we must monitor the future development of antibiotic resistance carefully.

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And women with this diagnosis miss out on active treatment time because of pregnancy.

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Frode Norheim, new Associate Professor at IBMS, identifies genes that could cause serious liver disease. 

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Grid cells are the brain’s GPS system. But do they use brain waves to gather information about speed and direction? Researchers at the University of Oslo resolved the question.

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According to a survey following doctors over 20 years, nearly four out of ten doctors have been the target of threats from a patient during the first four years after graduation and one in seven doctors have been physically assaulted. 

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It is safe to be physically active outdoors without having to worry about the risk of melanoma, as long as you follow the sun safety advice, say the researchers behind a large, Norwegian study. 

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Liver encephalopathy is one of the diseases that claims most lives worldwide. A Norwegian study has revealed that the disease disturbs vital processes in the brain.