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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anders Christofer Lundqvist Lundqvist, Anders Christofer Adjunct Professor +47 47278881
Picture of Hilde Lurås Lurås, Hilde Professor +47 67968719 +47 67919749
Picture of Javier Armando Luzon Luzon, Javier Armando Doctoral Research Fellow +47 46969186 3D printing, Colon cancer, Technology and Care, 3D visualization, 3D vascular reconstruction
Picture of Else Marit Løberg Løberg, Else Marit Adjunct Professor +47 22118915 +47 41225077
Picture of Martin Laasmaa Laasmaa, Martin Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jan Erik Madsen Madsen, Jan Erik Adjunct Professor +47 22119558 +47 97765800
Picture of Elio Magistrelli Magistrelli, Elio Doctoral Research Fellow +393347945345
Picture of Peter Majak Majak, Peter Associate Professor +47 92253585
Picture of Rakesh Kumar Majhi Majhi, Rakesh Kumar Postdoctoral Fellow +46728394948
Picture of Umair Majid Majid, Umair Doctoral Research Fellow +47 98629089
Picture of Tom Mala Mala, Tom Adjunct Professor +47 92458235 Upper GI surgery, gastric, esophagus, bariatric surgery
Picture of Karl-Johan Malmberg Malmberg, Karl-Johan Adjunct Professor +47 22781326
Picture of Eva Albertsen Malt Malt, Eva Albertsen Associate Professor +47 47854663
Picture of Ornella Manfra Manfra, Ornella Researcher +473663630
Picture of Hector Martinez Navarro Martinez Navarro, Hector +3468450139
Picture of Vladimir Nikolaev Martinov Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev Head Engineer +47 22851295 +47 92291742
Picture of Maria Mateo Tortola Mateo Tortola, Maria
Picture of Andreas Albert Matussek Matussek, Andreas Albert Adjunct Professor +47 90208953
Picture of Ingvild Helle Medin Medin, Ingvild Helle Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93686168
Picture of Lars Mehlum Mehlum, Lars Professor +47 22923473
Picture of Adi Mehta Mehta, Adi Researcher +47 45589316 Microspere-based Affinity Proteomics, autoimmune disease, Protein arrays, cancer immunotherapy, antibodies
Picture of Brij Bhushan Mehta Mehta, Brij Bhushan Postdoctoral Fellow +47 46585080 46585080
Picture of Alex Mellbye Mellbye, Alex Researcher +47 97766844
Picture of Ingrid Melle Melle, Ingrid Professor +47 23 02 73 50 Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Early psychosis, Negative symptoms, Environmental risk, Treatment response.
Picture of Espen Melum Melum, Espen Researcher +47 91780732