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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anders Erik Astrup Dahm Dahm, Anders Erik Astrup Associate Professor
Picture of Anders M. Dale Dale, Anders M. Researcher
Picture of Olav Dalgard Dalgard, Olav Professor
Picture of Bjørn Dalhus Dalhus, Bjørn Researcher +47 23070907
Picture of Toril Dammen Dammen, Toril Adjunct Professor +47 90163433
Picture of Ben Davidson Davidson, Ben Adjunct Professor
Picture of Taissa de Matos Kasahara de Matos Kasahara, Taissa Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Miklos Degre Degre, Miklos
Picture of Iselin Solerød Dibaj Dibaj, Iselin Solerød Doctoral Research Fellow Psychotherapy, Borderline Personality Disorder, DBT, PTSD, Emotion regulation
Picture of Ingrid Dieset Dieset, Ingrid Associate Professor
Picture of Espen Dietrichs Dietrichs, Espen Adjunct Professor +47 90593107 Movement disorders, Neurology
Picture of Caroline Marie Claude Dillard Dillard, Caroline Marie Claude Researcher
Picture of Trond Haaken Diseth Diseth, Trond Haaken Adjunct Professor Global South
Picture of Ole Kristian Drange Drange, Ole Kristian Researcher
Picture of Martin Solstrand Drevvatne Drevvatne, Martin Solstrand Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Elsa Maria Caroline Drivet Drivet, Elsa Maria Caroline Researcher
Picture of Liv Kari Drolsum Drolsum, Liv Kari Adjunct Professor
Picture of Susanne Dudman Dudman, Susanne Associate Professor Virologi, mikrobiologi, virology, vaccine
Picture of Pascal Hubertus Gerardus Duijf Duijf, Pascal Hubertus Gerardus Researcher
Picture of Michael Thomas Durheim Durheim, Michael Thomas Lecturer
Picture of Grete Anita Dyb Dyb, Grete Anita Adjunct Professor +47-95435022 Nordic, USA
Picture of Kine Johansen Dymbe Dymbe, Kine Johansen Researcher
Picture of Malin Marie Cecilia Eberhard-Gran Eberhard-Gran, Malin Marie Cecilia Adjunct Professor
Picture of Thor Edvardsen Edvardsen, Thor Adjunct Professor +47 23071176
Picture of Bjørn von Gohren Edwin Edwin, Bjørn von Gohren Adjunct Professor