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Core facilities

Here you can find information about core facilities at the Faculty of Medicine. How can they help you, where are they located, and how do you get in contact with them?

Many researchers at the faculty are dependent on advanced and expensive research infrastructure. We have several core facilities to meet this need. A core facility is a specialist laboratory serving researchers from both within and outside its own institution.

More information about the role of core facilities can be found on the about core facilities page.

Advanced Electron Microscopy

We offer high-end imaging technology based on Transmission Electron Microscopy

Advanced Light Microscopy, Gaustad

We provide services within super-resolution microscopy, live cell microscopy, confocal scanning microscopy, wide-field microscopy, and image analysis

Advanced Light Microscopy, Montebello

Our services include confocal microscopy, live-cell imaging, super-resolution microscopy (SIM and STORM), TIRF, and photokinetics


We offer services within bioinformatics, including analysis of next-generation sequencing data, microarray data, protein structure analysis, statistical genomics and access to useful databases and web services

Chemical Biology Screening

Discover small molecules to probe, explore and modulate biological systems

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

We offer services within transmission electron microscopy

Flow Cytometry

We provide services within flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting


We have an extensive set of technologies to study genome structure, dynamics and function

Human pluripotent stem cells

We provide services on human ES and iPS cell lines

Norwegain Sequencing Centre

We offer sequencing services

Norwegian Transgenic Center

We specialize in advanced transgene technology

Peptide Array

We offer peptide synthesis services

Preclinical MR

We do non-invasive imaging and high-resolution magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Preclinical PET

We provide infrastructure for PET investigations of small animals


We offer services in mass spectrometry-based proteomics

Structural Biology

We provide services within structural biology, and assist with virtual screening for drug design projects

Translational MRI Neuroimaging

We develop new and advanced MR methods for the study of brain diseases

Two-photon microscopy

The Norwegian Brain Initiative (NORBRAIN) is a large-scale national infrastructure project addressing the basic principles of brain operation. We have a core facility for two-photon laser scanning microscopy


We offer access to fish housing, breeding and use of several instruments specific for research on zebrafish

About core facilities

Do you want more information about our core facilties and other institutions having core facilties?

Becoming a core facility

To become a core facility, there are several criteria you have to meet (Norwegian only)