Persons tagged with «Nordic»

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Picture of Magnus Løberg Løberg, Magnus Associate Professor Nordic, USA
Picture of Michael Bretthauer Bretthauer, Michael Professor 90132480 USA, Nordic
Picture of Anne Cathrine (Annetine) Staff Staff, Anne Cathrine (Annetine) Professor I, Obstetrics and Gynecology +47-22119800 +47-41303081 Diabetes og hormoner, Ernæring, Genetikk og epidemiologi, Hjerte, kar og lunger, Kjønnsorganer, Kreft, Mor og barn, Nyrer og urinveier, India, Brazil, USA, Nordic
Picture of Marit Kirkevold Kirkevold, Marit Professor +47 22850569 Ageing, Nordic
Picture of Anne Moen Moen, Anne Professor +47 22850540 +47 909 71 904 USA, Nordic, Global South
Picture of Dagrun Kyte Gjøstein Gjøstein, Dagrun Kyte Nordic
Picture of Hans Olav Melberg Melberg, Hans Olav Researcher +47 22845031 Health economics, Statistical method, Economic evaluation, USA, Nordic, Cost-benefit analysis, International comparison
Picture of Henriette C. Jodal Jodal, Henriette C. PhD Candidate Nordic, cancer, screening, SAR, I-SCAN
Picture of Stine Marie Ulven Ulven, Stine Marie Professor +47 22840208 +4799016974 Nutrition, controlled dietary intervention studies, gene regulation, fatty acids, lipids, lipid metabolism, personalized nutrition, Nordic
Picture of Bjarne Bogen Bogen, Bjarne Life sciences, Immunology, autoimmunity, B cell lymphomas, multiple myeloma, T cells, B cells, vaccine molecules, China, India, Japan, USA, Nordic, Global South
Picture of Grete Anita Dyb Dyb, Grete Anita Adjunct Professor +47-95435022 Nordic, USA
Picture of Bjørn Allan Moum Moum, Bjørn Allan Nordic
Picture of Dan Atar Atar, Dan Adjunct Professor +47 98074757 Myocardial Infarction, Prevention of Reperfusion Injury, Troponin, Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, India, Nordic
Picture of Einar Røshol Heiervang Heiervang, Einar Røshol Professor Nordic
Picture of Erlend Bremertun Smeland Smeland, Erlend Bremertun Adjunct Professor +47 91388199 USA, Nordic
Picture of Frode Lars Jahnsen Jahnsen, Frode Lars Professor +47 93261235 Nordic, Life science, Allergy, USA, Immunology
Picture of Erik Gunnar Jönsson Jönsson, Erik Gunnar Professor Nordic
Picture of Øyvind Bruland Bruland, Øyvind Professor Nordic
Picture of Knut Dahl-Jørgensen Dahl-Jørgensen, Knut Professor Emeritus Diabetes and hormones, USA, Nordic
Picture of Kristin Bjordal Bjordal, Kristin Adjunct Professor +47 95970307 Nordic, Global South
Picture of Lars Aabakken Aabakken, Lars Adjunct Professor +47 47014918 Nordic
Picture of Ludvig Magne Sollid Sollid, Ludvig Magne Professor Life sciences, USA, Brazil, Nordic
Picture of Kjell Magne Tveit Tveit, Kjell Magne Nordic
Picture of Jan Ivar Røssberg Røssberg, Jan Ivar Adjunct Professor +47 47876866 Nordic
Picture of Randi Ulberg Ulberg, Randi Professor +47 95883479 +47-22029961 Psychotherapy, Nordic, USA