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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ricardo Murphy Murphy, Ricardo Researcher 95333157 Brain and nervous system
Picture of Jannicke Borch Myhre Myhre, Jannicke Borch Senior Engineer
Picture of Zahida Nabi Nabi, Zahida Adviser +47 22851351
Nome, Cecilie Gjessing Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Frode Amador Norheim Norheim, Frode Amador Associate Professor +47 22840206 +4799621742
Nuland, Liv Adviser +47 22858484 +47 97969302
Picture of Syed Mohammad Nuruddin Nuruddin, Syed Mohammad Researcher +4796724073
Picture of Cecilie Petterson Oksvold Oksvold, Cecilie Petterson Head Engineer +47 22851408 +47 45477093 Laboratory work, Cell culture, Histology, Microscopy, Training, Purchaser, Invoices
Picture of Thomas Olsen Olsen, Thomas Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22851524 B-vitamins, homocysteine, sulphur amino acids, epidemiology, vitamin A
Orre, Tonje Higher Executive Officer +47 22851175 Administrasjon, Purchasing
Picture of Ole Petter Ottersen Ottersen, Ole Petter Professor +47 90132610
Ottestad, Inger Olaug Senior Lecturer +47-99735017
Picture of Serhiy Pankiv Pankiv, Serhiy Researcher
Picture of Mari Mohn Paulsen Paulsen, Mari Mohn Associate Professor
Picture of Louise Petersen Petersen, Louise Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Thanh Thai Pham Pham, Thanh Thai Principal Engineer +47 22851303
Picture of Ann Phung Phung, Ann
Picture of Santosh Phuyal Phuyal, Santosh Researcher
Picture of Sarah Hazell Pickering Pickering, Sarah Hazell Engineer
Picture of Sergei Ponomartcev Ponomartcev, Sergei Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Evdokiia Potolitsyna Potolitsyna, Evdokiia
Picture of Maja Amedjkouh Puchades Puchades, Maja Amedjkouh Researcher +47 22851259 Brain and nervous system, Neurodegenerative disease, Digital brain atlasing
Picture of Hong Qu Qu, Hong Senior Engineer +47 22851266
Picture of Lydia Ragan Ragan, Lydia Associate Professor +47 22851072
Picture of Vandana Ravindran Ravindran, Vandana Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Helga Refsum Refsum, Helga
Picture of Knut Arvid Sørensen Rekdahl Rekdahl, Knut Arvid Sørensen Senior Engineer +47 22851129 +47 98644331 Purchasing, Purchaser
Picture of Kjetil Retterstøl Retterstøl, Kjetil Professor +47 22851521 +47 90098393 Cardiovascular diseases, Heart, Pharmacology, Diabetes, Nutrition, Life sciences
Picture of Nina Richartz Richartz, Nina Researcher
Picture of Raju Rimal Rimal, Raju Postdoctoral Fellow 99884369 survival analysis, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, multivariate statistics, melanoma, skin cancer, cancer epidemiology
Picture of Johanne Egge Rinholm Rinholm, Johanne Egge Associate Professor 90768382 Brain and nervous system, Myelin, Energy, Metabolism, Mitocondria, White matter, Lactate
Picture of Jorge Alberto Rodas Foeller Rodas Foeller, Jorge Alberto Head Engineer
Picture of Laura Rodriguez de la Ballina Rodriguez de la Ballina, Laura Researcher +47 22851025 Autophagy, Cell biology, Mechanotransduction, Membrane trafficking, Myopathies, Neurodegenerative disease, Proteostasis
Rogne, Marie Researcher +47 22840532
Picture of Kristin Stenger Rosnes Rosnes, Kristin Stenger Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Morten Rostrup Rostrup, Morten Adjunct Professor
Picture of Fabian Roth Roth, Fabian Researcher Brain and nervous system, Cellular and subcellular electrophysiology, Axon physiology, Neuronal network oscillations
Roth, Lena Head Engineer
Picture of Amanda Rundblad Rundblad, Amanda Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jerome Nicolas Marius Ruzzin Ruzzin, Jerome Nicolas Marius Professor
Picture of Pål Christie Ryalen Ryalen, Pål Christie Postdoctoral Fellow causal inference, survival analysis
Picture of Evelyn Voss Rygnestad Rygnestad, Evelyn Voss Senior executive officer 22851384 Anatomical Donation Program, Anatomy classes, The Schreiner Collection, Travel Reimbursement, UiO’s Emergency Call Center, Dissertation Defense
Picture of Kjetil Røysland Røysland, Kjetil Professor +47 22851015 Causal inference, Survival analysis, Health registries, Stochastic processes
Picture of Uta Sailer Sailer, Uta Professor +47 22851032
Picture of Sophia Vasiliou Madi Salicath Salicath, Sophia Vasiliou Madi Higher Executive Officer +47 22851559 +47 90535126 Economy control, Photo room, Dry ice, Bio-Rad refrigerator, Invoices, Purchaser
Picture of Kristin Larsen Sand Sand, Kristin Larsen Head Engineer +47 22851204 Laboratory work, Cell culturing, Microscopy, Purchasing, Flow cytometry, Training
Picture of Stine Kummernes Sandness Sandness, Stine Kummernes Higher Executive Officer +47 22845565 +47 90722067
Picture of Thor Sannæss Sannæss, Thor Adviser 97559446
Sefland, Iren Principal Engineer +47 22851602
Picture of Gjøril Seierstad Seierstad, Gjøril Executive Officer +47 22851188 Reception, Mail and postage
Shahrouzi, Parastoo Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Kayoko Shoji Shoji, Kayoko Postdoctoral Fellow
Shreyas, Rao Head Engineer +47 22851448 Electron microscopy, qPCR, Molecular biology, light microscopy, Microscopy
Picture of Anne Gjøen Simonsen Simonsen, Anne Gjøen Professor +47 22851110 +47-99350960 Cancer, Cell biology, Membrane trafficking, Autophagy, Neurodegenerative disease, Life science
Picture of Sakshi Singh Singh, Sakshi Postdoctoral Fellow Autophagy, complex networks
Picture of Øyvind Singstad Singstad, Øyvind Doctoral Research Fellow +47 96013304
Picture of Nadia Skauli Skauli, Nadia Higher Executive Officer 92417832 Brain and nervous system, Aquaporins, Brain extracellular matrix, Astrocytes, Genetics, Neurodegenerative disease
Picture of Torstein Landaas Skjervold Skjervold, Torstein Landaas Doctoral Research Fellow Brain and nervous system, Brain, Synaptic Plasticity, Learning and memory, pediatric, Brain development
Skjetne, Anne Juul Researcher
Picture of Bjørn Steen Skålhegg Skålhegg, Bjørn Steen Professor +47 22851548 Molecular nutrition, Integrated metabolism, Immunology, Cancer
Picture of Kylie Elizabeth Smith Smith, Kylie Elizabeth Adviser +4790810277
Solheim, Hilde Principal Engineer
Picture of Hela Soltani Soltani, Hela Head of Office +47 22845664 +47 97728875
Picture of Anne Spurkland Spurkland, Anne Professor +47 22851125 +47-41574078 Blood and immunology, Genetic and epidemiology, Brain and nervous system, Life science
Picture of Kåre-Olav Stensløkken Stensløkken, Kåre-Olav Professor +47 22844588
Picture of Emma Theresia Kjelland Stolt Stolt, Emma Theresia Kjelland Doctoral Research Fellow sulphur amino acids, Dietary interventions, B-vitamins
Picture of Jon Storm-Mathisen Storm-Mathisen, Jon Brain and nervous system, Signal transmission in the nervous system, Brain metabolism, Physical activity and brain function
Picture of Jørgen Afseth Sugar Sugar, Jørgen Afseth Associate Professor Brain, Neuroscience, Neuronal network oscillations, Neuro-Surgery, Neuro cell signaling, Epilepsy, Memory
Picture of Gareth Sullivan Sullivan, Gareth Researcher 22851415 Stem Cells, Pluripotent Stem cells, Organoids, Disease Modeling, Differentiation, Endoderm
Picture of Kobra Sultani Sultani, Kobra Principal Engineer +47 22851369
Picture of Mette Svendsen Svendsen, Mette Senior Lecturer
Picture of Thomas Sæther Sæther, Thomas Associate Professor +47 22851510
Picture of Anita Løvstad Sørensen Sørensen, Anita Løvstad Head Engineer
Picture of Truls Tambs-Lyche Tambs-Lyche, Truls Senior Engineer +47 22851442 99238726 Electronics, Service, Intrumentation
Picture of Sumithra Maud Taraldsen Taraldsen, Sumithra Maud Higher Executive Officer +47 22851060
Picture of Dag Steinar Thelle Thelle, Dag Steinar Professor emeritus
Picture of Magne Thoresen Thoresen, Magne Professor +47 22851305 Genetic and epidemiology, Biostatistics
Thorpe, Harry Postdoctoral Fellow
Tonkin-Hill, Gerry Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Reidun Torp Torp, Reidun Associate Professor +47 22851269
Picture of Karin Toska Toska, Karin Adjunct Professor +47 93266399
Picture of Kristoffer Joe Tunheim Tunheim, Kristoffer Joe
Picture of Reidar Tyssen Tyssen, Reidar Professor +47 22851187 +47-97150753 Behaviour, Personality and stress, Alcohol abuse, Work and health, Subjective well-being, Suicidial behaviour, Psychiatric Epidemiology, Longitudinal studies
Picture of Shreeshti Uchai Uchai, Shreeshti Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Stine Marie Ulven Ulven, Stine Marie Professor +47 22840208 +4799016974 Nutrition, controlled dietary intervention studies, gene regulation, fatty acids, lipids, lipid metabolism, personalized nutrition, Nordic
Picture of Giske Ursin Ursin, Giske Professor II +47-22851379 +47-99011452 Cancer, Genetic and epidemiology
Picture of Henriette Vaage Valen Valen, Henriette Vaage
Vatne, Torun Marie Lecturer
Picture of Marit Bragelien Veierød Veierød, Marit Bragelien Professor +47 22851432 Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Nutrition, Cancer, Heart vascular and lungs, Research methodology
Picture of Kristin Vekterud Vekterud, Kristin Head Engineer
Picture of Juan Carlos Veloso Gutierrez Veloso Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Cleaner
Picture of Ioanni Veras Veras, Ioanni Doctoral Research Fellow Heart, Electrophysiology, Signaling, Heart failure, Gene programs, Phosphodiesterases, Bioinformatics, Arrhythmias
Picture of Chiara Veroni Veroni, Chiara Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Koen Gerard Alois Vervaeke Vervaeke, Koen Gerard Alois Associate Professor +47 22854596 95184931
Picture of Hanna Skorstad Vetlesen Vetlesen, Hanna Skorstad Researcher
Picture of Kathrine Jørgensen Vinknes Vinknes, Kathrine Jørgensen Researcher +47 22851525
Picture of Johan Georg Visser Visser, Johan Georg Postdoctoral Fellow (+47) 938 68 938
Picture of Valeria Vitelli Vitelli, Valeria Associate Professor +47 22851011 Biostatistics, Genetics and epidemiology, Cancer, Stochastic models, Computational intensive statistics, Sparse clustering, Functional data analysis
Vujovic, Snezana Popovic Senior Executive Officer +47 22852324
Picture of Johanna Henny Wagnerberger Wagnerberger, Johanna Henny Doctoral Research Fellow