NorDoc Course Database

Nordic Doctoral Training in Health Sciences (NorDoc) is a consortium for doctoral schools/faculties of health sciences in the Nordic countries. As a PhD student enrolled at one of these doctoral schools/faculties of health sciences, you can participate in the courses in the database for free. Please note that expenses for course participation-related board, lodging and travelling may (or may not) be covered by your home organisation and you should contact them about questions related to this.


1)    Where can you find NorDoc Course Database?
NorDoc Course Database

2)    What courses can you find there?
Most courses posted in the database are scientific courses. There may also be a few generic courses with seats available for PhD students across the NorDoc universities. 

3)    Where can you read more about each course and who should you contact?
There is a link for each course to a local website with information about the course and registration as well as information about the course organizer.

4)    Which universities are part of NorDoc?

•    University of Copenhagen, Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences
•    University of Gothenburg, Section for Pharmacology
•    Aarhus University, Graduate School of Health
•    University of Southern Denmark, Graduate School of Health Sciences
•    Aalborg University, Doctoral School in Medicine, Biomedical Science and Technology
The Faroe Islands
•    University of the Faroe Islands, Faculty of Health Sciences
•    University of Eastern Finland, Faculty of Health Sciences
•    University of Helsinki, Doctoral School in Health Sciences
•    University of Oulu, Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme
•    Tampere University, Doctoral programmes in health sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences
•    University of Turku, Faculty of Medicine Postgraduate Education Unit (PGE)
•    University of Iceland, Faculty of Medicine/Faculty of  Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Health Science
•    University of Bergen, Faculty of Medicine
•    Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
•    University of Oslo, Faculty of Medicine
•    UiT – the Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Health Sciences

•    Karolinska Institutet
•    Uppsala University, The Research Training Committee, Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy

5)    Where can I read more about NorDoc?

We hope you will find the new NorDoc course database useful. Note that not all universities have posted courses yet and that more will post courses throughout the spring. Courses will be posted on an ongoing basis so check back soon!

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